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Our Strength and Conditioning facility in Capalaba provides development for athletes who are hungry to gain a competitive advantage.

These days the difference between good athletes
and great athletes is determined by the work they do
off the field.

For too long a quality strength and conditioning program has only been available to professional sportspeople, or those aspiring athletes who are invited into the country’s high-performance sport environments, such as the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Having now identified the important role that strength training plays in improving performance and injury resilience, most athletes are participating in strength and conditioning training of some degree.

Generally, this involves following one of three programs:

(a) A program that their club or coach has drafted for everyone; or
(b) A self-developed program based on the movements they’ve seen their favorite sportspeople performing; or
(c) A self-developed program using movements they have found via web search.

If this preparation was enough, why then do we not see all aspiring athletes make it to professional competition?
Why do those athletes who spend hours in a large franchise gym preparing themselves for the upcoming season end up injured two weeks into pre-season training, or despite their hard work never making it to their clubs’ premier team?

It’s because strength training for athletes is far more complex than it appears. Athletes are following programs that are not specific to their individual needs or weaknesses. They’re developing parts of their body that are already performing well and making parts that are underperforming operate even worse.

As an athlete, your focus should be on playing sport and the mental readiness required to show up and put in 100% – not development of a strength and conditioning program to improve the way you play.

The gap in access to professional strength and conditioning development between high school and the Queensland Academy of Sport is why we created the EP Athlete Development Program. The drive behind this program lies in our own experiences in lacking access to these facilities, and subsequently never having achieved full potential.

We believe that athletes should be rewarded for their commitment to the work they put in off the field and have access to a facility that provides aspiring athletes a real opportunity to compete at their highest level.

What said about us

Client Testimonials

“Working with Steve at Elite Performance has played a significant role in making me a stronger, faster and more injury resilient athlete.

Steve goes the extra mile for his athletes and works with both my running coach and I to ensure we are getting the most out of our sessions and to ensure our programming in the gym works hand in hand with my track work.

It’s great having a coach who takes the time and effort to make me the best athlete I can be – the benefits of working with a coach who has an abundance of knowledge like Steve has been eye opening to me and my performance.”

Hannah Cox Athlete

“I’ve worked with Steve at Elite Performance for a total of 3 years now – over that time he has worked with me to strengthen and minimize my weaknesses, enabling me to perform at my peak.

During my time with Steve, I’ve had ups and downs with my basketball, including injury setbacks – Steve’s knowledge and experience has guided me through these injuries and built me into a more responsive and resilient athlete, enabling me to come back stronger and ready to perform at a higher quality.

It is clear that Steve understands that each of his athletes are all different individuals, he prepares development programs that are best suited to the areas we will gain the most benefit and allow us to perform at the highest level.

My experience with Elite Performance as a whole has been motivating, hardworking and beneficial to the athlete I want to become.”

Jase Holmes Athlete


Meet your coach and prepare an action plan

Most athletes start a gym program without a clear long term vision – typically this program is not specific to their weakness’ and is designed for building physique as opposed to building power, speed and injury resilience.

At no fault of their own, it is common for athletes to follow online programs sourced from leading health and wellness publications which are general in nature and not designed for athlete development. In many cases, these programs result in developing a body which athletically performs worse.

Every athlete who begins working with us starts by meeting our coaching team and developing an action plan specific to their needs. This plan ensures that the athlete has a clear understanding of their pathway forward and how this will develop their strength, power, speed and athleticism.

As with all great action plans, this will develop and evolve as you improve and move between in-season, off season and pre-season. The ongoing fine-tuning of the program ensures that areas of weakness are permanently improved and no longer hold you back from performing when you need to most.


Preliminary Development & Initial Testing

In the weight room, athletes cheat and push through bad technique because socially the weight on the bar is valued more than the quality of the movement.

At EP, we value the quality of the moment more than the numbers –

To ensure we lay foundations for success, athletes are taken through an initial 4 week phase to develop their movement and technique before introducing weighted testing to set a benchmark for monitoring improvement.


Begin Athletic Development

Having prepared for success, it’s now time to begin your 13 week program and prepare for competition.

Once a week you’ll train in small groups with other athletes who are like-minded, guided by a coach who specialises in development of sportspeople. Your second weekly session is self guided at a time that suits your schedule best. At specific intervals you’ll meet with your coach, review your progress and prepare the next phase in your development program.

Once a we Every week, under the guidance of your expert coach, you’ll develop your athleticism and take steps to improving your preparation. Over time you’ll develop into a stronger, faster, agile, more injury resilient athlete.


Your Coach is not a rebranded personal trainer.

Your coach has University qualifications and/or qualifications from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.
Your coach has made development of athletes their career.


The Program is specific to the individual athlete.

It identifies your individual strengths, weaknesses and tailors your sessions to target those areas where improvements are
required to help you prepare for your sport.


Flexibility to work with your schedule.

Most of our athletes are not paid to compete which means juggling work, training, Uni and life.
We understand this and work to integrate seamlessly.


We have an extensive industry network

If you suffer a niggle or simply need tight muscles released, your coach can connect you with specialist consultants with
a proven track record.

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Your Investment

You’re a product of your environment, surround yourself with the best.

Joining the EP Athlete Development Program is an investment in your journey to becoming a better performing athlete, it’s an investment that will:

Athlete Development Program
Program Length – 17 weeks

Total Value: $3,610.00 (if purchased separately)
Your investment: $80 per week
Total Cost: $1,360.00


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