Elite Athletic

Strength & Conditioning


    Strength is a key aspect to all athlete development programs. At EP our coaches work with a variety of athletes from all sporting code backgrounds and understand that you require individual strength programs and testing measures for not only your individual sport, but also you as an individual athlete.


    The balance and strength of the tissues in your body rely largely on the amount of exercise you perform each week. This exercise increases the fitness of the tissues in your body, whether through building muscles, burning fat or increasing the efficiency of your organs.


    Power is defined as the ability to generate as much force as fast as possible. It is needed for athletic movements such as olympic movements (clean and jerk), swinging a baseball bat, swinging a golf club, and running through a tackle. Power does require strength and speed to develop force quickly and our programs reflect this with a wholistic approach to developing our athletes.


    The ability for an athlete to move loads quickly and with precision is vital for performance in all exercise. Our programming develops these aspects of our athletes in a safe progressive environment with testing designed specifically for the athlete and their needs.

Clinical Exercise Physiology


    Our specialists can provide comprehensive sports screening assessments. Suffered injuries and missed game time in previous seasons? Or looking to simply get the best out of yourself? We can devise an individualised program aimed at injury prevention and performance optimisation. A single pre-season visit can enhance performance and result in avoiding weeks on the sidelines mid-season


    If you sustain a sports injury, our sports physiologists are qualified to accurately advise relevant rest and program a graduated return to activity. You will learn self management techniques and be asked to work on balance/strength/flexibility or endurance as applicable to your individual circumstances.


    If you come to us for injury rehabilitation, we not only offer the services get you back on the field quickly and stronger than previously, but offer a continued monitoring program for your injury, providing the comfort of knowing that any small niggles can be reported and worked on with a specialist who knows your injury back to front.


    The beauty of a Clinical Exercise Physiologist is that they are an Allied Health Provider. That means they have completed a 4 year University Degree and specialise in exercise therapy and lifestyle interventions for persons at risk of developing, or with existing chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries. Looking to increase your heart health? Prevent or reduce the effect of Diabetes? or perhaps you are looking to improve your recovery following treatment for cancer? That’s something we can help you with.