Group Fitness

The Traditional Group Fitness Model
Breeds Mediocrity.

Sadly, the traditional group fitness model is wrongly marketed as being able to accommodate ‘all levels’ of fitness. This model creates a performance ceiling, a program that fundamentally achieves ordinary results, and prevents extraordinary outcomes. Elite Performance is the only facility in the Redlands that guarantees results for the high achiever, or as we trademark it, the everyday athlete.

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Our conditioning classes are built around developing your fitness for any occasion.

Designed to get your heart racing, your forehead sweating, and build your fitness base, you’ll be running laps around your competition in no time. Think Running, Airbike and SkiErg. You won’t find weights in this masterclass.


Real strength training, big results.

Commit to a training block and track your success. We’ll get you stronger than you thought you were capable of in a safe, technique focused environment. Quality over quantity.

No Egos.


Combining strength endurance with high-intensity conditioning.

Our conditioning classes are designed to keep your training interesting and challenge your body. Our goal is to make better humans – this means our circuit sessions are strategically designed to progressively get tougher over the extent of the training block.

How it Works

Let’s Chat

It’s time to get to know each other – drop us a message and we’ll organise a time to dial in and have a chat.

This conversation will enable you to ask any questions you have about our program / the facility and provide the opportunity for us to understand your situation and what you’d like to achieve.

10 Week Success Plan

Success is admirable, motivating and rewarding. Success requires you to work smart, it requires identification of weak points and development of solutions.

Every member who joins our everyday athlete group fitness program starts by designing a 10-week success plan.

The plan is tailored to the individual and is designed to ensure they have the skills required to excel in our program.

By the end of your 10-week plan, you will have achieved progress and developed your skills to enable yourself to set larger goals.

Get Physical

With the preparation down pact, it’s time to commence your training as an everyday athlete and follow your 10-week success plan.

You’ll join our group training program and begin your first training block – each week you’ll take a step in the direction of achieving your goals and making continued progress.

We’ll monitor your progress as you become a stronger fitter healthier everyday athlete.

Unmatched Excellence

Why Choose Us?

If you’re anything like the hundreds of members we help every week, you’ve probably experienced one of two things:

1. You’ve been training hard but still don’t feel like you’ve achieved your goal; or

2. You’ve reached a point where your ability to see continued progress has come to a halt. Just like all the members before you, they wanted to know how Elite was different and how our system is better.

Just like all the members before you, they wanted to know how Elite was different and how our system is better.

Here are three reasons that give Elite Performance an edge:

Tailored Systems

We’ve designed our systems to develop everyday athletes – when you join us, you’re granted an individual success plan with a guarantee. Stronger fitter healthier in 10 weeks or your money back. It shows we are serious in our commitment to your results from day one, you’re not simply a number.

Highly Qualified And Experienced

Our coaches are more experienced and more qualified. They’re the coaches the others want, and ask for, but never get. Our coaches are not your typical personal trainers, they’re not fresh out of school, they’ve been to university and obtained sports/movement related degrees, they’re accredited by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, they have waiting lists for client spaces and are trusted by some of our countries highest performing athletes to get results and build bulletproof bodies.

We Get Results

Trust the process and the process will reward you. Our process is simple – we don’t overtrain you, we don’t overload you, we program in correct blocks, keep records of your results and monitor you regularly to ensure you’re achieving your goals. All we ask in return is commitment – commitment to turning up and following the coach – your end is simple.

Your Investment

You’re a product of your environment, surround yourself with the best.

Joining EP is an investment in your journey to becoming a better performing human, it’s an investment that will:

Single Class Access



Unlimited Group Training Access



Class Timetable


Frequently Asked Questions

Group Fitness Program:

Our members show up to put in 100%. If you’re the type of person who is willing to commit to putting in your best effort at every session and achieve tough goals, you’ll benefit from our program immensely.

As part of your initial enquiry, we’ll discuss your current experience levels and design a strategy specific to you in moving forward. If you’re not yet ready to thrive in our group training, we’ll arrange personal training sessions to bring you up to speed and get your knowledge and lifting technique to a level that will enable you to jump in and smash our group sessions.

We prepare your training into blocks of 8-10 weeks (which generally align with school terms), and we track your progress over this period.
Each block has particular goals which are set and guided by our head coach with the results being stronger, fitter, healthier humans.

Between blocks, classes are still run – these are our ‘off block’ periods where we introduce more variety and prepare you for the next block.

The extreme variety sold under the scheme of ‘keeping fitness interesting’ is lazy program planning.

If you want to get better at something, you practice it more. Tennis players don’t participate in an off-season Rugby competition, nor vice vera.

We strongly focus on achieving results with our group fitness – this means your training will include particular lifts or movements regularly within each training block to set you up for success.

This training method is used for our athletes, and we extend the same level of professionalism to our group fitness program – we don’t settle for second best and nor should you.

17 years is our minimum age for group fitness.

Absolutely – all of our coaching staff take 1:1 or 2:1 sessions throughout the day. Plenty of our members partake in one or more personal training sessions to top up their Group Fitness training.

Attending classes is the best way to experience all of the coaches, enabling you to pick your favourite.

Classes vary in size – Morning classes are capped at 30 and evening classes are capped at 25. We keep the numbers low and add additional coaches where we see a trend in classes reaching their capacity. It’s part of our quality assurance actions.

• Turn up 10 minutes before class starts, meet your trainer and they’ll run you through what to expect from the session that day.

• Warm Up – Listen to the coach as they guide you through a warmup – if you have any niggles or concerns let your coach know – having a professional coach means alternatives can be provided to you for class on the spot.

• Demo – The coach will demonstrate each exercise to you and explain how the class will operate.

• Go Time – turn up the music and get ready to work hard. You turned up to the session so make sure your time investment contributes to making you a stronger, fitter, healthier human.

Membership Program:

Yes – all classes are available to you. We strongly recommend only attending 1 class per day as your body will improve less if it’s in an overtrained and under rested state.

The group fitness membership provides access to the classes only. If you’d like to use the facility outside of class times independently, we can discuss membership options that suit this requirement.

Membership does not have minimum terms; you are free to cancel or pause your membership at any time via our facility management app.

We do not charge sign-up fees.

Direct debit is our only method of payment – it’s the best way to ensure that those who are paying are able to sign into classes, keeping everything fair for the entire membership base.

In saying this, we do understand your pain – we’ve heard plenty of Direct Debit horror stories that are sure to have burnt trust in the system. Having a completely flexible membership means you have the ability to control your own debits with a single click at Elite.


The cost of joining group fitness is $49.99 per week – more details on this are available on the Everyday Athlete page.

We don’t currently offer any upfront membership options, subsequently there are no discounts for upfront payment.

The Facility:

Our members show up to put in 100%. If you’re the type of person who is willing to commit to putting in your best effort at every session and achieve tough goals, you’ll benefit from our program immensely

We have both men’s and ladies’ toilets. An outdoor shower is available for use, this is designed to freshen up after a big session as opposed to being a formal shower facility.

All equipment is at the gym.

Bring your own towel and water bottle to each class.

If you’re attending a Muay Thai session, please bring your own gloves for hygiene.

We are open from first class to last class each day.
Monday – Thursday 5:30AM – 7:00PM
Friday 5:30AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM – 8:00AM
Sunday Closed.

Personal training sessions can be arranged outside of these general operating hours.


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