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Everyday Athletes

Marlena Ford

“I’ve been athletic all my life – my story is stereotypical, I enjoyed sport in high school but found myself without the support and teammates in the years following to keep me motivated to train.

Elite enables people like me to train in a high performance environment, encouraging us to achieve fantastic results and feel a part of a team with a common goal of constant improvement.

Elite has coaching staff who are professional and treat us in the same manner that they treat their athletes – the class programs have enabled me to set and achieve goals in both my strength and fitness.

If you’re looking for a high-performance facility that caters to the everyday athlete, look no further!”

Josh Yates

“As I transitioned away from competing as an aspiring track athlete into full time university, it was important to me that the strength and conditioning training I was undertaking was of a level that met my expectations and continued to obtain results.

I wanted professional structure and the ability to track my progress, something that a regular group training facility was unable to provide.

Joining the group training program at EP has met my hopes – the sessions are programmed to a very high quality and the members turn up to work – EP breeds success.”

Aspiring Athletes

Hannah Cox

“Working with Steve at Elite Performance has played a significant role in making me a stronger, faster and more injury resilient athlete.

Steve goes the extra mile for his athletes and works with both my running coach and I to ensure we are getting the most out of our sessions and to ensure our programming in the gym works hand in hand with my track work.

It’s great having a coach who takes the time and effort to make me the best athlete I can be – the benefits of working with a coach who has an abundance of knowledge like Steve has been eye opening to me and my performance.”

Jase Holmes

“I’ve worked with Steve at Elite Performance for a total of 3 years now – over that time he has worked with me to strengthen and minimize my weaknesses, enabling me to perform at my peak.

During my time with Steve, I’ve had ups and downs with my basketball, including injury setbacks – Steve’s knowledge and experience has guided me through these injuries and built me into a more responsive and resilient athlete, enabling me to come back stronger and ready to perform at a higher quality.

It is clear that Steve understands that each of his athletes are all different individuals, he prepares development programs that are best suited to the areas we will gain the most benefit and allow us to perform at the highest level.

My experience with Elite Performance as a whole has been motivating, hardworking and beneficial to the athlete I want to become.”

Braedyn Quinn

“I’ve been working with Paul at Elite Performance for a couple of years now – the athlete development program has made me into a better athlete then I have ever been.

During the program I’ve trained through injury, off-season, in-season and through a lot of tough times – after each training block I have become a stronger athlete and my on-field performance has continued to improve.

I hope to reach even higher level during this off-season with Paul.”

What We


We exist to make stronger,

fitter and healthier


What We


We exist to make stronger, fitter and healthier humans.

Everyday Athlete

Most ex-athletes or high school superstars use the gym as their main physical activity outlet once their sporting careers are over but they soon find that their training falls into a rut completing the same exercises over and over again with little to no success.

At Elite, we realise there is life long progression in the gym where the opportunity to train above and beyond the ‘one size fits all’ model exists, so we’ve opened our facility to the general public and made high-performance training to everyone. For a higher level of performance!

Aspiring Athlete

As an athlete your development places a significant level of trust in your coach, so it’s paramount that you’re in the hands of a professional who has a long-term development plan, specific to you.

It’s common for athletes to make the mistake of participating in a general fitness program, not specific to their sport, nor themselves as individuals. These programs risk development of the body in such a way that the athlete has a great all-round physique but lacks the ability to perform highly in their particular sport.



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